The Concerns That New Technology Brings To The Agriculture And Food Sector

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Agriculture and food, nanotechnology, risk, occupational health and safety


Nanotechnology has already taken its place with its widespread applications in various industries. It is seen that the food and agricultural sectors also share in the commercial expansion of nanomaterials. Nanomaterials are already being used to reduce fat and sugar levels without affecting the taste, to improve packaging to keep food fresh for longer, or to inform consumers if food is spoiled. In agriculture, it is used to increase the durability of seeds, to detect diseases that cause damage to crops, to regulate fertilizers and growth. On the other hand, there are also pesticides formulated at the nanoscale that have been released Tuesday and released into the environment. Nano particles have the ability to reach cells when they enter the human body. As with any developing technology, in developments related to nanotechnology, the human element should be kept away from all kinds of commercial concerns, and health and safety should be evaluated as a priority. Belonging to a healthy society requires this awareness. In the study, nanotechnological applications in agriculture and food were discussed and evaluations were made in terms of occupational health and safety. National and international publications included in the literature, congress proceedings, websites of reliable institutions and organizations have formed the basis of the study.


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