The Effect of Combined Treatment with Mentha longifolia L. and Docetaxel on Drug Resistance in Colon Cancer

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Mentha longifolia L, colon cancer, drug resistance


This study investigates the effects of Mentha longifolia L. and the chemotherapeutic drug docetaxel on drug resistance in colon cancer. One of the major challenges in colon cancer treatment is the resistance of cancer cells to chemotherapy drugs. The primary mechanism of this resistance involves the overexpression of multi-drug resistance (MDR/ABCB1) genes. MDR genes reduce the intracellular accumulation of chemotherapeutic agents in cancer cells. The study examined the effects of Mentha longifolia L. extract and docetaxel on ABCB1 gene expression in the HT-29 colon cancer cell line. HT-29 cells were cultured in RPMI medium and CCD18-Co cells in MEM medium, both containing 10 % fetal bovine serum (FBS), penicillin (100 U mL-1), and streptomycin (10 mg L-1), at 37 °C, 5 % CO2, and 95 % humidity. Results showed that Mentha longifolia L. extract alone did not significantly alter ABCB1 gene expression, but in combination with docetaxel, it significantly increased gene expression. This finding suggests that Mentha longifolia L. could play a potentially important role in overcoming drug resistance in cancer cells by enhancing the efficacy of docetaxel.


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