Coated Urea Fertilizers: A Comprehensive Review on Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizers

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Slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, nutrient utilization efficiency, biodegradable polymers


This review explores the important findings of recent research on slow-release nitrogen fertilizers (SRNFs) as a response to concerns about unsustainable nitrogen use in agriculture. By analyzing recent scholarly literature, the paper investigates how SRNFs, which utilize coatings to deliver nutrients gradually, can improve nutrient utilization efficiency and minimize environmental impact compared to conventional fertilizers. The review examines various coating materials, including inorganic minerals, synthetic polymers, and biodegradable polymers, highlighting the advantages and limitations of each. Biodegradable polymers emerge as a promising and sustainable alternative due to their eco-friendly nature.  The analysis reveals that SRNFs can enhance plant growth, optimize nutrient use efficiency, and reduce environmental pollution from fertilizers. However, challenges remain in precisely controlling nutrient release rates and aligning them with plant growth stages. This review underscores the potential of SRNFs as a sustainable solution for nitrogen management in agriculture, while acknowledging areas for further research.


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