Zoonotic Diseases in Veterinary Medicine and Their Importance for Public Health

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Disease, health, public, veterinary, zoonotic


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) definition, any disease or infection that is naturally transmitted from vertebrate animals to humans or from humans to animals is called zoonotic. Public health is a health approach that is equipped with a holistic health perspective and interacts with scientists from various disciplines and is effective. This study was conducted to reveal the importance of zoonotic diseases in veterinary medicine and public health. Sources around the world and in Turkey regarding the importance of zoonotic diseases in terms of veterinary medicine and public health were reviewed and Google Scholar, Pubmed, YÖK National Thesis Center and Web of Science databases were scanned. Veterinary public health, a branch of preventive medicine, has a field of practice in which epidemiological studies are particularly emphasized. Veterinarians make significant contributions to public health by working in various fields such as protecting animal health, ensuring their welfare, conducting biomedical research and obtaining safe food by raising safe livestock. Zoonotic diseases pose a number of risks to human and animal health. However, these risks can be reduced or even prevented by taking various measures. Among these measures, personal hygiene and disinfection practices have a very important place.


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