Investigation of Genotype × Environment Interaction in Some Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Genotypes in Different Environmental Conditions

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Sunflower, hibrid, seed yield, oil ratio, interaction


Trials in different environmental conditions have a fundamental role in selecting genotypes that perform best in different environments. Adana and Muş locations can be considered as a new test environment for sunflower breeders in terms of performance evaluation of some sunflower genotypes. This study was carried out in Adana and Muş ecological conditions in 2022 with 14 hybrid lines and 5 standard varieties according to Randomized Complete Block Design. According to the results of analysis of variance, genotype, location and genotype×location interaction were found statistically significant at 1% and 5% levels in terms of many traits. According to the average results of both locations in the study, plant height of genotypes is 139.0-179.0 cm, diameter 18.0 -22.8 cm, 1000 seed weight 59.3-83.0 g, seed yield 2198 - 4144 kg ha-1, oil ratio 38.1-41.3 (%) and protein ratio ranged from 16.8 to 18.2 (%). In the GGE biplot technique, PC1 constituted 58.84% of the variation, PC2 constituted 41.16% and 100% of the variation in total. As a result, according to the findings obtained in the research; H1, H10 and H14 genotypes stand out in terms of oil ratio, H6, H18 and H3 genotypes in terms of seed yield and H9 and H11 genotypes in terms of both criteria. When the yield and quality traits of genotypes in Adana and Muş locations were evaluated together, it was concluded that H8 and H13 genotypes could be recommended for both locations.


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