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Is Sustainability Possible in Beekeeping?

In recent years, beekeeping has faced off economic difficulties as a result of the negative effects in production due to environmental conditions and serious colony losses because of the climatic changes and different practices. It grows especially with beekeeping problems which are seen as a model in rural development. In recent years, the ineffective treatment against bee diseases / pests and newly emerging diseases are the main problems for bee health. The wrong applications for the disease control of bees' parasites / pathogens led to resistance of them over the years. Likewise, inappropriate use of chemicals causes the residues in the bee products. The climate changes prevent to the honey bees from effective use of floral sources. At the same time it causes unfavorable effects in the bee colony due to their undernourishment.  Adding of the unsuitable applications of the beekeepers during colony management,  it becomes important for the sustainability of healthy colonies. At this point, the beekeeping industry is looking for serious solutions for its sustainability. This study aimed to reveal prospective solutions for the future by examining the problems and solution strategies for sustainability in beekeeping.

Beekeeping, climate change, sustainability, environment, bee disease


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