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Comparison of Contract Types for Turnkey Lump Sum-Unit Price Proposal Procedure in Repair-Renovation Tenders

As it is known, public procurements in our country are made by public administrations within the scope of the Public Procurement Law / Contracts No 4734/4735. The law continues to be in force to determine and determine the principles and procedures in the tenders to be made by public institutions subject to public law or using public resources. In the Construction Works Tenders within the scope of this law, the contract type is determined as 2 (two) in the Law. The alteration, maintenance, repair, etc., are detailed below. types of contracts for the works; modifications, repairs, etc. made on behalf of the public to increase competition under more realistic, fair, equal conditions In the construction works, it is argued that the contract type should be made by Unit Price Proposal Procedure by making arrangements in the Laws No. 4734/4735.

Unit price offer procedure, Construction works Tenders,


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