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Evaluation Of Sustainable Green Building According To Leed Certificate: Uskudar Municipality Building Example

One of the main causes of climate change, global warming and energy resource extinction are buildings built with conventional construction technology. The building sector has been able to maintain to reduce these negatives, design structures that target eco-friendly, energy savings and develop the concept of green buildings and develop new solutions. With the growing green building applications, institutions and organizations established in this area have started to certify structures and houses that comply with the sustainable building standard. One of the most important is the US-sourced LEED system. This study examined Uskudar Municipality Building, one of the buildings with a green certified LEED gold certificate in Turkey. Uskudar Municipality building example aims to determine the role of green buildings in sustainable production according to LEED certification criteria and to an environmentally friendly building. The housing covered in the study is examined and determined based on the energy and water efficiency scale of what needs to be done in terms of the consumption of natural resources, efficient use of water and energy efficiency. In this study, energy and atmosphere, interior air quality, sustainable terrain, water efficiency, the role of green buildings in sustainable production has been tried to be economically and environmentally.


Sürdürülebilirlik, Yeşil Bina, LEED, Üsküdar Belediye Binası.


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