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Physıcal Modelıng Of The Effect Of The Rock Column Posıtıon On The Behavıor Of The Adjusted Soft Ground Tape

Building foundations on soft soils has been one of the problems faced by geotechnical engineers due to the low bearing capacity and the increase in the amount of settlement in these soils. One of the current solutions to this problem is to add a reinforcement element to the soil and one of the elements that can be added to the soil is a stone pole. In this method, 91 to 31% of the weak soil volume is replaced with suitable soil. In this research, we investigated the effect of the presence of single and group stone pillars, the position and length of the stone pillar on the bearing capacity of the strip foundation around a soft clay roof. In addition, the stone columns were strengthened using vertical bumpers and the effect of strengthening the stone columns in different modes on the behavior of the strip foundation adjacent to the slope was investigated. The results showed that in all cases reinforcing the clay slope with a stone pillar increased the bearing capacity of the strip foundation located near the slope. Also, equipping the stone column with remote control improves the performance of the stone column and increases the bearing capacity of the foundation according to the similar condition of the non-reinforced stone column. The optimum length of an unreinforced stone column under the foundation is 4 times the column diameter. The biggest effect of the stone column on the bearing capacity of the strip foundation occurred when the stone column was placed under the foundation and the bearing capacity of the foundation decreased as the distance between the column center and the foundation center increased. In addition, when the efficiency of the stone column group was examined, it was observed that the performance of double group stone columns in both reinforced and non-reinforced conditions was better than the triple group.

: Liquefaction, soil reclamation, rock pillars


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