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Occurence Of Salmonella And Shigella Species In Some Products Consumed In Qaladze Region

In this research; in terms of Salmonella spp. in three different media, a total of 100 samples including 10 samples from each of the (factory and village production raw chicken meat, chicken and red meat doner, raw and cooked village eggs, home ayran and yogurt, drinking water and water used for washing) which consumed in Qaladze region (Iraq) at 2016 year were examinated. ISO 6579:2002 and EN-ISO 21567 method was used for this purpose. 45 of the samples examination were determined as positive in terms of Salmonella spp. and 17 (37.74%) of them were S. enteritidis, 11 (24.42%) of them were S. bongori, 8 (17.76%) of them were S. typhimurium, 8 (17.76%) of them were S. paratyhpyi and 1 (2.22%) of them was also identified as S. typhi. 32 of the samples examination were determined as positive in terms of Shigella spp. and 16 (50.00%) of them were S. dysenteriae, 6 (18.75%) of them were S. sonnei, 6 (18.75%) of them were S. flexneri 6 (18.75%) and 4 (12.50%) of them were also identified as S. boydii. While more Salmonella spp. was found in raw chicken meats and raw village eggs, home yoghurts and drinking water were found to be more reliable. In the samples examined, Shigella spp. is most frequently was found in the water used in washing, while the presence epidemiyological agent in homemade yogurt, ayran and boiled eggs was found to be less. The most effective medium between Salmonella-Shigella Agar (SSA), Xylose Lysine Deoxycholate Agar (XLDA) and Hektoen Enteric Agar (HEA) used in the study was determinated XLDA (p <0.01) and there was determinated a significant difference between the mediums in detectable of the number of bacteria (p <0.001). It was determined that there was a significant difference between the sample groups analyzed in terms of pH, aw, SSA and XLDA at p <0.01 level, O/R potential and HEA direction at p <0.05 level. While there was a positive correlation between sample groups and O/R potential, a negative correlation was found between SSA and O/R potential (p <0.05).The most effective medium used in the study was determined that Hektoen Enteric Agar (P <0.05). As a result, Salmonella and Shigella species were found in most of the samples examined and it was concluded that the consumption of these products may pose a potential risk for public health.

Salmonella spp., Shigella spp., Public health, Food safety, Qaladze


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