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The Effect of Scheduled Education Given to The Mothers of Infants Cared for in A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on Their Anxiety Level

The study was conducted as single-group pretest-posttest quasi experimental design in Diyarbakır Children's Diseases Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Maternal Service between March 2014 and May 2015. All mothers having lying babies in Diyarbakır Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Service has created the population of the investigation between the dates of collecting data. The sample size was determined by the sampling formula known as the universe minimal sample size 283. In the research, instead of random sampling, the mothers who agreed to participate in the study were included in the study. Data collection was achieved via a questionnaire querying the socio-demographic characteristics the mother and the baby and State and Trait Anxiety Inventory. Descriptive statistics, paired t-test, independent samples t-test, Wilcoxon, Kruskal-Wallis Variance, Mann-Whitney U Test, Analysis of Variance, Pearson Kolerasyon were used in the evaluation of data. As a result, it was determined that the planned education given to the mothers whose babies are lying in the neonatal intensive care service has an effect on the decrease of the anxiety level of the mothers.

Anxiety level, infant diseased mother, neonatal intensive care, nursing support, scheduled education


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