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The Effects of Different Growing Media on Growth and Flowering of Oriental Lily Hybrids

This research was carried out to determine the effects of different growing media on the growth and flower quality of oriental lily hybrids. In the experiment, two different 18/20 cm sized bulbs of 'Rialto' and 'Simplon' and eight different growing media including perlite, peat, cocopeat, and four different mixture of perlite:peat (1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 2:1, 3:1 v/v) were used. The number of days to flowering, stem length (cm), stem diameter (mm), the number of flowers, and vase life (days) were determined. The earliest flowering time was found in 'Rialto' by 71.46 days and in peat growing medium. In 'Rialto', the longest stem length and the maximum number of flowers per stem were found in perlite:peat (1:2 v/v) medium (83.56 cm and 6.47 respectively), whereas in 'Simplon' were determined in perlite:peat (2:1 v/v) medium (90.33 cm and 5.33, respectively). The longest vase life was found in 'Rialto' by 15.67 days and in 'Simplon' by 16.33 days in peat medium in terms of growing media and vase life, the difference between peat and perlite:peat (1:2 v/v) and cocopeat media was not statistically found. In the current experiment, It was found that alone peat and perlite:peat (1:2 v/v) utilization in oriental lily growing could be successful.

Cut flower, lilium, soilless culture, cocopeat, peat, vase life


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