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Hemşirelik Öğrencileri İçin Etik Duyarlılık Anketi’nin Türkçe Geçerlik ve Güvenirlik Çalışması

Purpose: This research was conducted to evaluate the Turkish validity and reliability of the Ethical Sensitivity Questionnaire for Nursing Students. Materials and Methods: The universe of this methodological-descriptive study was formed by students studying at Siirt University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing. The sample of the study consisted of 296 students who volunteered to participate in the study between April-May-2020. The data were obtained through an online questionnaire prepared using the Introductory Information Form and the Ethical Sensitivity Questionnaire for Nursing Students (ESQ-NS). In evaluating the data; Number / percentage, Content Validity Index (CVI), Pearson correlation analysis, Cronbach alpha coefficient, explanatory and confirmatory factor analysis methods were used. Results: As a result of the evaluations and analyzes made; It was determined that the CGI of the scale was 0.80. The total Cronbach's alpha coefficient of the questionnaire was 0.80, 0.79 for respect for the individual, and 0.69 for the justice and privacy sub-dimension. It was determined that the factor load values ??were between 0.47-0.84 and the item-total correlation coefficients were between 0.35 and 0.55. In the factor analysis, it was determined that the survey explained 55.44% of the total variance and confirmed the structure of the 9-item 2-factor questionnaire. Conclusion: The result of the study showed that the questionnaire is a valid and reliable measurement tool in the evaluation of the ethical sensitivity of nursing students in Turkish society.

Ethical sensitivity, nursing student, validity, reliability


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