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Mardin/Nusaybin İlçesi Kuru Koşullarında Bazı Makarnalık Buğday Çeşitlerinin Verim ve Kalite Özelliklerinin Belirlenmesi

In order to determine the adaptation ability of durum wheat varieties under dry conditions, an experiment was carried out in randomized complete block design with 4 replications in Yazyurdu district of Nusaybin, Mardin, in 2018-2019 winter growing season. In the experiment, 10 different durum wheat varieties were used, including Maestrale, Svevo, Güneyyıldız, Zühre, Gündaş, Tiziana, Fırat-93, Salgado, Sarıbaşak and Burgos. In the research, plant emergence (%), heading date (days), plant height (cm), number of spikelet per spike, grain weight per spike (g), thousand grain weight (g), grain yield (kg da-1), hectoliter weight (kg hl-1), glassiness (%), b value and protein ratio (%) were examined. It was observed that the cultivars were significantly affected by ecological conditions, except for the b value. According to the results, plant emergence ranged from 80.00 to 92.50%, earing time from 101 to 106 days, plant height from 90.48 to 106.45 cm, number of spikelet per spike from 17.60 to 20.65, grain weight per spike from 1.92 to 2.51 g, thousand grain weight from 32.01 to 48.95 g, grain yield from 416.00 to 572.00 kg da-1, hectoliter weight from 80.43 to 84.20 kg hl-1, glassiness from 90.25 to 97.25% and protein ratio from 14.85 to 17.00%. It has been determined that the associations between yield and quality characters of durum wheat can change depending on varieties.

Durum wheat, morphological characteristics, quality, grain yield


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