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Determination of Incidence and Prevalence of Motile Aeromonas Species in Beef Meats Put on Consumption in Van Province

This study was carried out to determine prevalence and incidence of motile Aeromonas species, especially A. hydrophila in beef meats put on consumption in Van province of Turkey. The method proposed by Popoff was used in the isolation and identification of motile Aeromonas species from the samples. For this purpose, samples taken from 28 minced meats, 25 fresh pieces of meat and 75 carcass swab obtained from the butchers and deli in Van Provincial Center were examined. Motile Aeromonas species were found in 16 (57.14%) of the 28 examined minced meats, of which determined A. hydrophila was in nine (32.14%), A. sobria (A. veronii subsp sobria) was in five (17.86%), A. caviae was in one (3.57%) and A. hydrophila and A. caviae were in one (3.57%) samples. Motile Aeromonas species were found in 10 (40.0%) of 25 fresh meat samples, in which seven (28.0%) of them were A. hydrophila, two (8.0%) of them were A. sobria (A. veronii subsp sobria) and one (4.0%) of them was A. caviae. Motile Aeromonas were found in 31 (41.33%) of examined 75 carcass swab samples, of which 26 (34.66%) were containing A. hydrophila and five (6.67%) were containing A. caviae. Statistically, a significant difference was found between the carcass and minced meat in terms of A. sobria (A. veronii subsp sobria) at the level of p <0.05, while a significant difference was found at p <0.05 level in terms of A. hydrophila isolation rates between swab samples taken from the thigh area and neck and pelvis areas in carcass samples. As a result, motile Aeromonas species were identified in a significant proportion of beef meat (ground beef, fresh pieces of meat and carcass) and it was concluded that these products pose a potential risk to public health.

Beef, Motile Aeromonas species, A. hydrophila


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