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Effect Of Insurance On Agricultural Products: The Case Of Rice Farmers Working In The Fergane Plain

Agricultural insurance is one of the most important management strategies to tackle agricultural risks, climate change and other unavoidable natural hazards. Therefore, the aim of this study is to examine the effective components of production risk management in agricultural insurance acceptance among rice farmers in the Fergane plain. The statistical population of the study included all 915 rice farmers, the sample size was calculated by the multi-stage sampling method and then (SFR) was determined as 278 people. The risk aversion coefficient was determined by the logistic regression of the effective components of risk management in insurance acceptance using the Yamane model of the First Trust Rule (Yamane) formula. According to the findings, most rice farmers (10/65%) avoid risk. In addition, insured rice farmers with insurance have a significantly lower degree of risk aversion than non-insured farmers. The results of the binary logistic regression are among the component types, risk management components (Wald = 0/382), economic risk management and marketing (Wald = 0/492), agricultural and technical infrastructure risk management (Wald = 0/617), risk sharing management. (Wald = 0/447) had a positive and significant effect on adoption of agricultural insurance. Also, variable effects of age, education level and number of agricultural risks were important in distinguishing the two groups of participants.



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