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Reference To An Important Database In The Articles In The Journals Of Indian Universities

Introduction: To fulfill the libraries' mission of providing researchers with fast and optimum access to information, the provision of valid electronic journals with free access can be a complement to meet their information needs. In this article, the citation rates in the articles of prestigious journals of free medical electronic journals belonging to an unnamed database were examined. This database will be called IDB. Methods: This descriptive survey study analyzed the citations of 38 scientific research journals in terms of citations to 369 free electronic Science journals in the IDB database. Using two different checklists to check the number of citations to articles in Indian journals and one to collect citations from free journals, research data was collected and analyzed from Indian scientific research journals using SPSS software. Results: The rate of citations to free medical electronic journals was less than one percent, and the citation rate to them in 1985 did not increase significantly from 84; In subjects (general public health medicine), the number of citations to free medical electronic journals is higher than for other medical subjects. Among 369 free electronic Science journals, BMC Public Health was the most cited journal with two citations in the field of public health. Conclusion: It is necessary to identify and promote reputable journals and free electronic medical citations in libraries and Science information centers and present them to the Science community in various ways; Because providing fast and easy access to the information that researchers need is the main task of libraries in education, health and science environments.

Periodicals, Citation, Databases.


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