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The Investigation of Correlation Between Plant Index Values and Harvest of Corn Plant in Example of Antalya/Aksu

While majority of the population of Turkey is lives in metropolitans, small portion of that is lives in rural areas. Almost all of the portion of the population which is lives countryside works in agriculture for income. But migration to metropolitans from villages is increased continuously, thus, number of people works in agriculture is decreased over the years. Remote Sensing and GIS techniques are widely used to utilize most effective among existing applications of agriculture. Spectral signature of plants can be determined by Sentinel-2 satellite views in which obtained high locational and spectral resolution. Aim of this study is determine of corelation between  plant index and harvest of silage corn plant by using GIS in Aksu county of Antalya. Data of District Directorate of Aksu, Cadastre Regional Directrate and Satellite have been used. Data were generated as layers in GIS. In the light of this data, types of plant index of Parcels have been determined. Harvest on time or early harvest of agricultural products for each parsel have been determined.

Agriculture, remote sensing and GIS, GNDVI, Sentinel-2


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