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Determination of the Appropriate Embryo Age in the Use of Immature Embryo Culture in Sunflower for Shortening The Generation Time

Since sunflower is a highly cross-pollinated species, obtaining homozygous lines is important for both genetic studies and hybrid seed production.Traditional methods require at least six generations to obtain homozygous lines. Immature embryo culture method, which is one of the alternative methods, has the advantage of shortening the generation cycle by half. The response of immature sunflower embryos to embryo culture and the success of the method depends on the genotype of the donor plant, the growing conditions of the donor plant, the age of the embryo, the composition of the medium used in in vitro culture, the in vitro culture conditions and the culture time. In this study, it was aimed to determine the most appropriate embryo age in order to overcome rapid generation with immature embryo culture technique in sunflower breeding. The study was conducted in the Generation Shortening Center within the Eastern Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute. A modified version of MS medium was preferred as the main medium in in vitro culture studies. In the study, immature embryos of 7 different ages (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 days after pollination) taken from plants grown in open field conditions of 5 oil restorer lines were tested 8-20 days after pollination. Plant formation rates of the cultured embryos, plant weight in regenerated plants, plant root length, plant height and number of leaves per plantlet were examined. Research findings showed that the optimum embryo age in the selected MS environment was 14 days. It has been shown that there is an opportunity to overcome a rapid generation by culturing 14-day-old embryos in the modified MS medium used in this study.

Sunflower, embryo culture, genotype, embryo age


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